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Dear Visitor

Do you know that you can order samples of our products (mosaic tiles and floorboards)? And the shipping is free!

Oh, yes. We offer you a range of samples of our products. A mosaic sample is part of a mosaic sheet, as marked in the picture. A floor sample is a 26 cm long section of our floorboard, enough to give you the idea of the floorboard’s colour and the simplicity of our ‘click’ locking system. Now, you can match your decor elements and your furniture and taste, and with no tension or haste will you be able to buy the best product available.

The price of our floorboard sample is £4,99. For mosaic tile sample is £3,99. We cover the shipping costs!

Follow the steps below if you would like to order our sample.

Enjoy your shopping experience!


How to order our samples

From our Homepage, choose one of the collections we offer from the menu and click on its name. In this example
we’ve clicked Glass Mosaic Tiles


On your sceen you will see a chart showing the products, available from the collection you’ve choosen. Compare the given shades and click the one you like best. In this example we’ve clicked Purple.

Now you’re on the product’s page, where you’ll find all information about the chosen product, including its technical specification, description, purpose and, of course, pictures presenting the product. On your right side there’s an “Order a Sample” button. Click it.

We’ve been taken to a page where we can order a sample. As you can see, it’s also a product’s page, very similar to the one we’ve been to. However, this time it’s clearly shown in the picture and its subtitle – “Sample” -  that here you order a sample only. Now, to order the sample you only need to click “Add to basket” button.

As you can see, we’ve been taken to the checkout now. Even now, you can still come back to the first step and add another samples to your basket, which will be sent to you together. If you have everything you need in your basket, remember to click “Sample Order” as delivery form, because this will ensure free shipping.

Fill in the information about you allowing us to send the sample, choose your payment method. Once everything is ready,
you can confirm your order by clicking “Confirm”
As soon as we receive the payment or its confirmation, we will send your samples directly to you.
Normally it doesn’t take more than 48 hours.

To order a floorboard sample, follow exactly the same way - just remember to choose the right collection (flooring) at the beginning.

Should you have any questions, contact us: