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Table Top RHYTHM Desk Stand 180x72mm

Manufacturer: Aspro

Table Top - RHYTHM

RHYTHM desk stand is visually attractive and features clear design, so it will mingle with various interiors, easily carrying out both informative and image creating functions for a company/organization. In compliance with our high standards, the desk sign is made of high-quality silver anodised aluminium profiles.

Desk name plate - RHYTHM system

boasts universal design and colour themes and that’s why it’s one of the most popular products on the market. It’s an unusually elegant and convenient name display allowing easy identification of the person at the desk, the purpose of various rooms/desks in public places (offices, hospitals, surgeries, schools, etc.). Fine design, durability, precision of manufacturing will make you enjoy our RHYTHM table tops for long years.

RHYTHM desk stand has numerous assets, such as:
1. The product is made of aluminium profiles
2. Transparent anti-glare slat – protects the information insert from fading and damage
3. Tamperproof – locking imbus included

The sign’s price does NOT include the cost of creating the graphic design of the information insert or its production cost. Our graphic design studio can design and manufacture your individual information insert on request. Should you prepare the graphic design on your own, remember to keep its right size: 175x69.5mm.

Buying our signage boards, you purchase from the board producer who has been expanding their portfolio since 1998, a leading manufacturer providing comprehensive and versatile Visual Identification Systems, a professional in the field of cutting-edge solutions for architecture of object and spaces.