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Sand Glass & Stone Mosaic Tile EXCLUSIVE DESIGN GS4

Purpose of this mosaic: mosaicmosaic

Glass & Stone Mosaic GS4

Features of the stone & glass mosaic:

  • Material: natural stone & glass float
  • Parameters: sheet 300x300x8 (mm)
  • Shape and color: beige, white and brown squares
  • Used indoors on the wall, dry and wet zones
  • A unique composition of colours stone and glass
  • The ready-made cubes pattern makes it quick and easy to create a feature wall in any setting

Advantages of stone & glass mosaic:

  • Stone is natural beautye, timeless and versatile, glass is a beauty in its splendor, together they create an extraordinary composition
  • An irregular colours of cubes gives an individual effect
  • Single cubes glued to the mesh underside giving complete support while tiling
  • It's a real statement feature and is perfect for creating a timeless yet contemporary look in your home

Your benefits:

By arranging the GS4 stone & glass mosaic, you will become one of the few people who are really aware that there is such an exclusive, combining style and great taste. These natural stone cubes and glass cubes can be tailored to your liking and needs.

The composition of stone and glass cubes on the sheet is a unique solution for something special. Imagine a favorite place, for example your bedroom where you want to set a mosaic. When buying a mosaic GS4, you buy security and at the same time satisfaction with a modern, beautiful and very tasteful finish ... you give yourself part of nature and its beauty...


Please note that the images shown are actual photographs of the mosaic however, colors may vary due to the calibration of each individual monitor. Ordering samples of the tiles to verify color is strongly recommended. When assembling the mosaic, please be aware of the conditions included in the assembly instructions.