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Plastic Flower Pot BOWL Mocha Garden Pot Size:S

Manufacturer: Leandro

Plastic Garden Pots

We’d like to present you plastic flowerpots of the highest quality – arranged in your garden will make an ideal alternative to traditional flowerbeds.

Plastic flower pots

of a sandy texture, known as Leandro, must meet even really sublime tastes.

Amazingly resembling stone ones, boasting high-quality finishing, and truly broad range of sizes – from tiny ones to huge containers – these are just some of our plastic pots’ assets.

Leandro garden pots will decorate your house and garden.

Each flowerpot has a plug to control the amount of water inside. The bigger ones have an insert called a drip tray, where the excess water is collected, preventing the roots from rotting. The tray works only, of course, unless the plug is out. Then the plant pot can be placed indoors without using a flowerpot saucer.

Colour: Mocha
Size: S
Shape: Bowl