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Pictogram Sign Side Mounted RHYTHM 123x108mm Toilet Sign Women

Manufacturer: Aspro

Toilet Sign Women

Pictogram in a Frame – Side Mounted - RHYTHM 123x108mm

RHYTHM pictogram signs guarantee elegant and modern signage for room such as toilets (including toilets for the disabled), information desks, and non-smoking areas. Thanks to its smart design, the sign will match various interiors, conveying clear message at the same time. Our plates with pictograms are made of high-quality silver anodised aluminium profiles, which ensures unusual durability and outstanding aesthetic value.

pictogram side mounted

RHYTHM pictogram sign provides precisely expressed information “packed into” tiny plates, which will perfectly merge into any interior, leaving the information itself visible and clear. Three different options for mounting RHYTHM pictogram plates allow attaching them wherever you need.

RHYTHM pictogram sign 123 x 108 mm.
Code: 8-44001-01-402. Colour: silver.
The plate made of anodised aluminium profiles.
Graphic design – Size: 99 x 99 mm.
Screws, dowels and double-sided adhesive foam are included.