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OILED TEAK 30x30cm module Garden Decking Tile VI

Manufacturer: Leandro
Delivery time: 24h

Garden decking modules

made of oiled teak wood, 6 planks assembled in a module – are a brand new approach to garden decking!

If you’re fed up with cold or slippery ceramic tiles in your garden, if your garden deck resembles a runway, and the first date to have it seen to is next year – it’s time to act on your own! Within one afternoon siesta you can give your feet a delightful touch of natural wood, your eyes will enjoy its look – and you’ll feel so close to nature. Forget the glue, noisy machines producing dust. Our wooden decking needs only your hands to lay them. You’ll install them in no time and with no effort, thanks to their convenient size and the latch system.

The price given is for one module/sheet 300x300x26mm

Type (plank arrangement): 6 planks

Material: oiled teak wood + PVC frame

Teak wood itself is really resilient, even for long years. Neither biological age, rotting, nor pests will spoil it. Teak is extremely hard, heavy and naturally oily, which makes it sun-, snow- and waterproof. The wood has very good technical parameters, abrasion and hit resistance and that’s why it’s such a good material for outdoor use.
The PVC base element is used to fix the wood elements, to bind the modules with each other and to ensure the right air and water circulation under the wood.

Oiled teak garden decking tiles purpose:

Outdoor use, as garden pavements or decks (gardens, allotments, outdoor cafés, terraces, balconies, porches, pavements, pools and Jacuzzis’ fringes). Indoor use as flooring (hotels, restaurants, saunas, fitness clubs, spas, garages, cellars, bathrooms).

Oiled TEAK garden decking installation:

Garden decking modules are installed without use of tools. Each module has two sides with catches and two sides with seats. When installing a panel that is laid catches down, lift the next edge with seats up and put the panel with catches under it. The elements are joined with a latch. It is possible to replace one element without dismantling the whole surface. It is advisable to install the deck on even and hard surfaces with a slight slope to allow water to flow away

To keep the deck neat, the elements made of teak wood should be conserved with oil or other impregnating substances every three to six months.

Material: teak
Thickness [mm]: 26