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Door Sign UNIVERS Information Plate A4 Champagne

Manufacturer: Aspro
Delivery time: 24h

Door Sign UNIVERS Information Plate

size: A4

colour: champagne


Aluminium signage boards - UNIVERS have very elegant - in its simplicity - shape. The interchangeable system used here is really durable, user-friendly and easy to operate, that is to update the content. It’s our standard that the door signs are made of high-quality anodised aluminium profiles – silver or champagne. 

UNIVERS aluminium signage features very convenient solution – the insert is protected by a transparent panel, which slides out together with the upper profile being part of the framing. UNIVERS door signs will be indispensable where the information must be changed quickly and frequently, sometimes even several times a day. The sign’s qualities make it an ideal fixture in offices, banks, institutions.

univers door sign

UNIVERS door signs boast unusual esthetical value, and they are interchangeable – no need to disassemble the whole sign to update the content . The undeniable assets of UNIVERS system guarantee its increasing popularity, supported by a lot of positive feedback from the customers:

  • The product is made of anodised aluminium profiles – silver or champagne
  • A5 and A4 size of the insert
  • Transparent panel – prevents the information form fading out and damage
  • Easily mounted  - fixing accessories (screws and dowels)attached

Material: aluminium