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Door Sign GLASS Name Plate 297x105mm Silver Grip

Manufacturer: Aspro

GLASS door sign

Door name plate GLASS
Size: 105x297mm
Grips: 2pcs (width: 18mm), colour: silver

GLASS information door signs

Elegant crystal-like glass and originally designed grips of GLASS series were conceived for the most demanding customers. Door name plates made of glass can be priceless where the form of conveying information must be not only effective but also outstanding, visually attractive and smart. Safety issues are also our priority – all signs are made of tempered glass, so called safety glass. Everyone will feel safe and comfortable, assisted by GLASS signage.
GLASS door signs combine two precious materials: polishes glass and high-quality anodised aluminium (for grips). These features make this name plate a highlight of an elegant interior, at the same time – an element easily mingling with both traditional and modern architecture. The multitude of sizes we offer guarantees that it can be easily fitted within other elements of interior design. Functionality is another asset of our GLASS door sign. It’s so easy to interchange the info inside it!

Glass door signs from our GLASS collection are modern, elegant, with simple design and a possibility to update the information insert easily. Moreover, they will go with numerous graphic designs and are offered in various sizes.

1. The sign is made of safe tempered glass and aluminium elements. The plate consists of two glass panes, each 4mm thick. The information slat is placed between the panes.
2. Anodised aluminium grips.
3. Easy to install – each sign is equipped with necessary fittings: screws and dowels.
The sign’s price does NOT include the cost of creating the graphic design of the information insert or its production cost. Our graphic design studio can design and manufacture the graphic for your individual information insert on request.
Buying our signage boards, you purchase from the sign producer who has been expanding their portfolio since 1998, a leading manufacturer providing comprehensive and versatile Visual Identification Systems, a professional in the field of cutting-edge solutions for architecture of object and spaces