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Door Sign CIRCLE Aluminum Name Plate 162x210mm Silver/Black

Manufacturer: Aspro
Delivery time: 24h

Aluminium door sign CIRCLE

CIRCLE name plate

Size: 162x210mm
Aluminium profile , colour: silver
PCV end caps, colour: black

Information door signs CIRCLE are a type of product that boasts functionality and durability. The easiest way to display any information by your door. The signs are made of high-quality anodized aluminium profiles. There are two colour variations: silver and gold.

Our door name plate, as well as other signs from CIRCLE system has one feature – a curved face of the information panel. This shape makes a very interesting display surface, thus the products appears really outstanding. To meet your needs, we can combine different panels (122mm, 162mm and 213mm wide – and of many lengths) to prepare your individual sign.

circle door sign description

Our door signs have universal look, and you may mount them both horizontally and vertically, so your aluminium name plates from CIRCLE collection will ideally match any architecture, any décor, and will suit even the most demanding customers’ tastes.

Their assets are:
1. Easy installation – each sign is equipped with necessary mounting accessories
2. Transparent anti-glare slat protects the graphic design from fading and damage.
3. Aluminium profiles are light but durable, with hardened surface.

The sign’s price does NOT include the cost of creating the graphic design of the information insert or its production cost. Our graphic design studio can design and manufacture the graphic for your individual information insert on request.

Buying our signage boards, you purchase from the sign producer who has been expanding their portfolio since 1998, a leading manufacturer providing comprehensive and versatile Visual Identification Systems, a professional in the field of cutting-edge solutions for architecture of object and spaces.

Material: aluminium