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Directory Boards MAX Wayfinding Sign max:3000x3000mm

Manufacturer: Aspro
Delivery time: 24h

MAX Directory Board | max 3000x3000mm

RHYTHM midi wayfinding sign is undeniably ideal information board directing customers within companies, schools, universities, hospitals, public buildings. Mounted mainly by the entrances, lifts, staircases. Its clearly displayed message and neat appearance are great assets of this signage system.

Directory board

The price given here is for a MIDI sign, size 1000x1117mm, with 13 modules – slats: 1 element 180mm high, 3 inserts -115mm high, and 9 - 60mm high. The photo presents the product which is the most popular sign with our customers, with three different sizes of inserts.
max directory board

Product description:
Interchangeable directory boards that ensure updating information really easily, due to their system of smaller graphic information slats of aluminium modules, making up a larger surface. Our wayfinding sign is made of the highest-quality aluminium profiles. The aluminium is anodised, in silver. A graphic design insert can be manufactured in any style or a colour theme, so it’ll easily mingle with any company’s image, making our directory board a visually attractive and consistent element of the company’s space.
Each directory board is manufactured regarding the customer’s requirements, the number and size of the modules/slats, thus it will satisfy everyone. Truly and genuinely professional service.

The maximum size of RHYTHM MIDI directory board is 3000x3000mm.
The insert of our wayfinding sign may include modules/slats of 3 heights: 60mm, 115mm, 180mm – according to the customer’s requirements.
What else you may like to know:
The whole sign is made of aluminium: the profiles, strips, back.
All information inserts are accompanied by extra anti-glare slats.

RHYTHM midi directory boards are prepared on request only. Please, contact us for a price quote. It usually takes 14 days since approving the design to produce and deliver the sign. Note that our graphic design studio will create your insert design for a very attractive price if you purchase our directory board.

Material: aluminium