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Directory Board GLASS Wayfinding Sign 500x700mm Silver Grip

Manufacturer: Aspro
Delivery time: 24h

Directory Board GLASS Silver 700x500mm

GLASS wayfinding signs

guarantee elegant combination of glass and aluminium, featuring contemporary architecture and implying high status. Large glass surfaces provide a unique atmosphere for interiors, and our cutting-edge, neat designs will satisfy even the most demanding customers.
Glass directory board from our GLASS collection is real adventure in terms of designing visual information. A designer’s invention is virtually unlimited and raises multiple possibilities of using the display surface. The durability of our elements proves the highest quality of the product, and the flexibility of the GLASS system design gives a chance of creating a sign of your dreams. As for safety issues, each sign is made of tempered glass – known as safety glass. Comfort and safety of all GLASS users are our goal.

glass directory board

GLASS wayfinding signs of glass have very precise and fine system of mounting. The innovative system of grips doesn’t need drilling in the glass. When arranging the graphic design of the directory board even the most individual creation is possible. The grips can be fitted in different places and thus our customer may have a sign that will suit their company’s character and their individual tastes.

GLASS directory board – assets:
• Made of safety glass – tempered glass polished with a diamond blade.
• The pane is 8mm thick and very durable.
• Four aluminium grips, 24mm wide each, silver or gold anodised - guarantee safe usage.

The GLASS wayfinding sign’s price does NOT include the cost of creating the graphic design of the information insert or its production cost. Our graphic design studio can design and manufacture your individual information insert on request.
Buying our signage boards, you purchase from the sign producer who has been expanding their portfolio since 1998, a leading manufacturer providing comprehensive and versatile Visual Identification Systems, a professional in the field of cutting-edge solutions for architecture of object and spaces.

GLASS directory board 700 x 500 mm.
Code: 8-77010-01-701.
Grip colour: silver.
The board made of tempered safety glass and aluminium.
8mm thick glass pane and four 24mm wide anodised aluminium grips.

Material: glass