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Brandy Bamboo Wood Flooring EXCLUSIVE DESIGN Click th:10mm

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EXCLUSIVE DESIGN Bamboo Flooring BRANDY colour

is the highest quality hardwood floor made of strand woven solid bamboo.

"Bamboo revives body and mind", calms down the senses – quoted from Far East’s philosophy.

Bamboo floor ensures exclusive, unique and original image for your interiors, especially appreciated by those who are bored with the traditional offer of flooring, interested in cutting edge architectural trends and keen to stand out from the ordinary décor offers. Simply, the exotic bamboo floor is a product for a confident customer who is not easy to please and boasts a fine taste.

Strand woven bamboo – a quality with no compromise.

The main asset of this bamboo floor is its exceptional hardness, resulted from pressing vertically placed bamboo lamellas under huge pressure. Our bamboo plank’s hardness is 96 N/mm2, while oak’s only 36 N/mm2. That means a strand woven bamboo floor is by over 170% harder than oak floor and by over 250% harder than a bamboo floor manufactured in a traditional horizontal arrangement. Even dropping a heavy object such as a plate won’t cause any dent on this bamboo floorboard’s surface.
The strand woven bamboo floor has no marks of yearly growth – nodes – noticeable on an ordinary bamboo floor. You can just adore its stunning look, instead of pondering what material it has been made of.
A unique feature of the EXCLUSIVE DESIGN bamboo floor is its thickness of 10mm. This, combined with our Click (Unilin licence) installation method, ensures really quick and easy, adhesive-free installation of your floating floor. And you can have a go and do it yourself instead of having it done.
Thanks to its great stability in measurements and very good heat conductivity, the EXCLUSIVE DESIGN bamboo floor can be used with water underfloor heating. However, in such case it is advisable to use some adhesive to fix the planks to the substrate.
Bamboo planks are varnished with elastic and abrasion resistant acrylic German varnish (Klumpp), which is hardened by UV rays. Its high quality ensures good protection from sunrays. These advantages make bamboo floors very easy to maintain.
Floorboards made of strand woven bamboo are anti-allergic. They don’t contain carcinogenic substances like pentachlorophenol or formaldehyde.
Our bamboo floor’s exceptional features and innovative technology of manufacturing it resulted in the 25-year warranty for EXCLUSIVE DESIGN bamboo floor. This allows our customers to feel safe and carefree while exercising our floor every day.
Regarding its unusual assets, the EXCLUSIVE DESIGN bamboo floor's purpose can be the interiors of lobbies, showrooms, halls (including evacuation ways), reception halls, offices, surgeries, hotels and bathing rooms.
Our floors made of solid bamboo are produced from bamboo growing in plantations controlled by the international organization - Forest Stewardship Council. The FSC comprises forest owners and administrators, community and nature conservation organizations, timber and paper manufacturers who are in favour of responsible and balanced forest management.
Exotic floors are made entirely from natural material, that’s why individual planks can differ a bit - in the colour shade and wood structure - from each other and from the templates or photos in any advertising materials.

Floor parameters measured for the certification in accordance with a Declaration of Performance, required for the CE marking:
  • Hardness: 96 N/mm2
  • Density: 1135 kg/m3
  • Heat conductivity: 0,26 W/mK
  • Fire reaction class: Cfl-s1
  • Formaldehyde emission: Class 1
  • Pentachlorophenol content: below detection limit
  • Sizes are within the acceptable error margin
Why not use our EXCLUSIVE DESIGN bamboo skirting board, indistinguishable from the floor colour - BRANDY

In order to protect the floor in particularly exploited areas, it’s a good idea to use protective chair mats and felt pads under your chairs’ legs. View them here.

The shipping cost and method given in the basket are estimated. We try to set them individually each time, so it’s advisable to contact the store’s assistants.

EXCLUSIVE DESIGN wood floor is sold in full packages, that is any multiple of 2.37sqm.
The price is for 1 square meter of our bamboo floor.
The plank’s size: 1840x92x10mm
A package contains 14 bamboo floorboards, the total area size of which is 2.37sqm and weight about 28kg.
An ideal complement to a bamboo floor made of solid bamboo is a bamboo mosaic.