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A Board TEMPO Pavement Sign A1 Double Sided

Manufacturer: Aspro
Delivery time: 24h

A Board TEMPO A1

A board TEMPO – A1 (594x841mm) poster holder

Our pavement signs represent popular and traditional system of signage – known as Open-Insert-Close. Made of high-quality anodised aluminium, our A boards are durable, visually attractive and incredibly functional.

A boards’
purpose is simple - to present advertisement materials and information that must be frequently updated. Pavement signs are used to highlight a menu, promotional and special offer info, or other important messages, they feature snap shut system of two shapes, which makes removing the materials as quick as a flash. As our elegant and versatile poster holders have attractive look and are made of the highest-quality materials, many banks, offices, restaurants are proud to present them. Due to their undeniable assets, TEMPO A boards appeal to a broad group of users.

TEMPO pavement sign
features genuinely easy and quick snap shut system of interchanging the insert and attractive look, which makes our poster frames really popular with and appreciated by numerous customers for years.

Tempo A boards is nothing but advantages:
• Silver anodised aluminium profiles – durable but light, with hardened surface, 32mm wide.
• Strong springs guarantee countless opening and closing - not affecting the volume of pressure.
• Transparent anti-glare panel prevents the insert from fading out and damage.
• The back of the board is made of white PVC.
• The corners are mitred (cut at 45 degree angle), or rounded, made of PVC.
• The sizes of our pavement signs are suitable for A0, A1, A2, B1, B2 size inserts.

The A board’s price does NOT include the cost of creating the graphic design of the information insert or its production cost. Our graphic design studio can design and manufacture your individual information insert on request.
Buying our signage boards, you purchase from the sign producer who has been expanding their portfolio since 1998, a leading manufacturer providing comprehensive and versatile Visual Identification Systems, a professional in the field of cutting-edge solutions for architecture of object and spaces.