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With our products you can make your surroundings more beautiful, exceptional, comfortable and safer. Choose from the wide range of mosaic tiles, wood flooring materials, skirting boards, profiles, trims and strips we have on offer. Here you can buy our exquisite interior décor products and equipment, altogether with plenty of necessary accessories for your home, office, garden. Whether planning renovation now or in future, let our brilliant ideas, expertise and advice inspire you. Visit any category that interests you and let our professional staff guide you through the world of sparkling interior design.

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As a specialized online store, we provide you with the possibility to take advantage of professional sales assistant advice. Take advantage of On-Line CHAT, write an e-mail, or just call us – we are always happy to help. Your opinion and contentment is the most important thing for us.

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B2B - Cooperation

Each business is different and we, as a quite young business with only 6 years of experience, are already aware of these differences. We perfectly know the realities of commercial cooperation in the private and public sectors. Thanks to this, we can individually tailor the offer to the personalized needs of your organization.

We supply:
  • Manufactures
  • Construction companies
  • Hotels and guest houses
  • Interior design
  • Architects
  • Advertising Agencies
  • State administrations
  • Healthcare
  • Uniformed services
  • Education
  • Institutions of cultures
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The mosaic tiles

presented in our online store – – are probably the richest, most varied and most interesting collection of mosaics available ‘now’ in this part of Europe. We’d like to offer you the broad range of mosaic tiles: glass, pearl, stone, glass and stone mosaics, wood mosaics with tiles made of bamboo, and coconut mosaics, to be used both inside and outside. We’re certain that our lavish colour scheme (mosaic tiles in gold, silver, red, blue, black, or white),  the variety of shapes and materials available in our offer, will let you carry out even the finest arrangements and designs. We believe that by giving you the access to such an abundant collection of mosaic tiles, we make sure that the effect you’ll achieve will be splendid, regardless of the type of chosen tiles, and that each enthusiast of exclusive interior design will find here something that must draw their attention: the modernity of glass, the classic look of stone, the natural touch of wood.

Hardwood floors offered by

are unusual bamboo floors dedicated to anyone who values natural features and ecology. Because of special technology applied during the production of this strand-woven solid board, the bamboo is exceptionally hard and durable – it will resist even women in high heels having a good time in the living room. Seven layers of varnish protect floorboards from external influence. The texture of all floors of bamboo has the appearance of natural wood. Our floorboards’ colour themes are natural, which means they make universal element of interior decoration – bamboo floors will match traditional interiors as well as modern ones – in the Zen style, or high-tech. Despite this consistency, the floorboards present a full range of shades – from cool to warm, from light to dark, from yellowish, through greenish, to brown. Your attention may be also drawn to our collection of bamboo floors with a hint of cork added. They don’t generally lose any of their properties described above and they gain more defined texture look, due to contrasting veins. Moreover, the garden decking modules from all4decor will turn every garden, patio, balcony into a more foot-friendly place.

Profiles and strips available in

can play countless important roles in your home. They cover dilatation, that is the gap necessary to be left in the joint of a floor and a wall or where two floors meet, they define the edges of mosaics, protect stairs, they serve as thresholds and transitions to smoothly join floors on different levels. It’s worth remembering that inside many of our profiles one can hide wires and cables, making the room neat and tidy. Volta cable cover can also be used to guard walls behind chairs. Various materials – from bamboo to PVC, natural colours and industrial shades of metal – everyone will find something ready to change their house or office for better.

Accessories for offices and institutions

presented by cover not only our system of elegant and durable glass and aluminium signs to mark places and indicate directions inside and outside a building, but also boards, display stands and cabinets where one can place advertising materials and replace them effortlessly, cork and white boards, indispensable in conference or social rooms – and welcome in many children’s bedrooms. What is advisable these days in front of offices is durable smoking bins and safe bike stands – our offer covers models of different sizes, so that even if there’s limited space around an entrance one can leave the bike without fear of it being broken, stolen, or blocking the way. Finally, our sensor bins, with an infrared move detector enabling them to open when a hand slides nearby. Ideal for medical surgeries, beauty salons, will definitely fire enthusiasm of new technology lovers visiting your office or even the kitchen.